Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I just turned 61.
That means in a year I will be 62.
Which means that in a year I could start collecting social security.
Which means society sees that I'm coming to that point in my life where my viability to being a productive member of society is coming to an end.
That works for me.
I think the main lesson taught by the Gospels is that everything human society values is valueless and those who are least valued by human society are most valued in the Kingdom of Heaven--like children and the sick and the lame, and the sheep that has wondered away.
"Who do you think you are?" was the annoyed and angry question of anybody who was anyone to Jesus while He walked on this earth. Apparently Jesus was not much to look at. The only physical description we have of Him is in Isaiah: He had no form or majesty that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him.  
My wife and I have been on vacation this week being of no use to anyone. We've been visiting friends and relatives and letting them indulge us with their valuable time and with their material goods. I've been doing whatever I can to get them to ride bikes with me, just like I did when I was six years old.
God forbid that I should compare myself to the Lord Jesus, but I'm reconciling myself to my stage in life when I will be doing nothing that is quantifiably valuable--nothing at all that anyone can admire or respect.
Of course what our Lord did when here on earth was of everlasting value. But for those who were in the know, the "authorities" of His day, nobody was much impressed. Only the mob, the ignorant masses, thought Jesus was worth writing home about.
Which to me is a great encouragement.
As Believers we are servants--the Lord's servants and thus servers of His people, of His church. But as a soon to be retiree, my career is over. I have no promotions to work towards. My obituary list of accomplishments is not going to grow. It's finished.
On Monday I'm back to work.
But now I'm on vacation which is my present eschatology. 
And possibly that means our Lord may be able to get some real use out of me.

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