Monday, July 22, 2013

why I am not an atheist, part 6

I agree, it’s outrageous that so many people insist their weird ideas have just as much validity as something that has been carefully researched and reviewed by the world’s scientific community. I’m a Believer in Science, because in today’s world, science is self correcting. When bad conclusions are made, there are any number of smart people out there who delight in figuring out the errors that were made that produced those bad conclusions.

And I understand, it is the nature of nature to adapt to new circumstances. I understand that a bird species that lives in an area where a longer beak would help in hunting insects will, in not too many years, be a species of bird with longer beaks. But to imagine that our intricate genome and our even more intricate brain just sort happened through this same simple adaptive process—it makes me crabby.

I can only see one reason for this mass ignorance among the intelligent, and that is a pathological passion to disregard God. For what else can explain such Faith in such absurdity?

Faith is humanity’s great equalizer. The very simple and the very smart, both have to make a choice: Will I believe God exists? And if so, am I willing to accept His authority, His intrusion, His goodness in my life?

Nothing has made me not an atheist like the blind Faith of most of the most intelligent in evolution.  

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