Friday, March 8, 2013

back to work

I received a call this morning telling me I was hired.
I start 8 am this coming Monday morning.
I will be happy to be back at work.
At this time in my life I need still structure to my day. I quickly start feeling anxious when I am perpetually thinking, what do I need to do next that is profitable?
Yesterday I spent eight hours writing.
At 7 pm I was wired.

Obviously the Lord has been very good to us.
Of course this new job may not work out. It is a new position with a quasi-government agency that provides deeply subsidized transportation for those who do not have a car. It covers the whole Arrowhead region in Minnesota which includes 7 counties. My job will be to publicize what they offer.

Do visit the two other blogs that I created while unemployed:
And the biography of Henry Sardina at:

With my job, we could really use a lot of help on the daily devotional blog. So far Eric Varghese, Stephanie Varghese, Daniel Triestman, John Messerly, Bill Howell and Matt Lange have each contributed one devotional to the blog. I'm really hoping each will continue to contribute. If "each day in the word" has touched your mind and your heart, would you be willing to contribute a meditation? Send it to our e-mail: Each day the readership appears to be growing. It started out at about 20 hits a day. Now it is over 60 a day. Some people tell me they hit the blog about once a week and read everything at once.
We trust that the devotional is a daily encouragement.
Perhaps the Lord will work it out that once we get 365 good devotionals, we will put it into an electronic and/or printed book.

When Henry's blog biography is done, we will send it to an editor and a proof reader and, Lord willing, will also turn that into an electronic and/or printed book. Do you know any publishers that might be interested? For those who have been reading his biography, you can see he has lived an amazing life and the Lord has been shockingly good to Henry.

I am very touched by how many have been so compassionate to me after I was terminated from my job at the Mesabi Daily News. I could not believe it when they fired me. I worked there for 32 years. I thought, "couldn't they have waited just 3 more years when I hit 62?," Then I could at least started drawing some social security.
Instead, when I got fired, the Lord's people were incredibly kind and generous to us and have provided for all our monetary needs. It made, and makes me want to weep.
Ben Tuininga said the only verse in the Bible that you can read backwards and forwards with the meaning remaining the same is: "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee" (backwards: "Thee forsake nor thee leave, never will I") Heb 13:5, Deut 31:6. As you can see, it is in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Again, thank you for both your very practical and your prayerful concerns.
Larry and Roxanne, and Carson

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